Our Story

 The go-to place where you find fashion items that express your lifestyle or ATTITUDE!

I want to inspire & motivate you to follow your passions & be the most important thing a person can be... YOU! 

Why fit in when you were born to stand out?There is only one version of you! 

ATTITUDE APPAREL is a mix of  Unique, Fun, Edgy & Rebellious products. A site that celebrates our attitudes and provides the clothing and items we want in order to show off our unique tastes. I want everyone to be able to express themselves in the way they want!

Whether you identify as punk, raver, rockabilly, steampunk, surfer, skater, metal head, hippie, boho,goth, emo, grunge - or whatever the hell you want! I want to help create YOUR style & bring you the most badass products. 

I couldn't stand boring mainstream clothes but I could never find a one-stop shop that stocked apparel to fit my unique style or could ever afford to buy from! 

So I decided to make my childhood dream of becoming a fashion designer a reality and solve the problem I had at the same time by creating ATTITUDE APPAREL. A place for any missfits like me to feel at home! 

When all the other girls were wearing dresses & skirts I was wearing t-shirts and jeans or leather and chains. When they were slipping into stilettos, I was lacing up my stomping boots!

My friends and followers started asking where they could find & buy the items I rock (most of wish i made or altered myself) so ATTITUDE APPAREL was born.


My mission is to empower females to be confident in themselves and be the best version of themselves. I want my brand to be just like me, bold, straight talking and forward thinking inspired by the ups & downs of real life. 

Our mission is to build a global brand that thrives on individuality & challenges how we view fashions influence on the world today.




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